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HCI builds secure, reliable website data portals.

Our largest portal, built for the military, encompassed more than 500,000 users in an LDAP. We also host online databases with more than 10,000,000,000 records in them. Yes, 10 billion records.

We provide custom portals in four key industries.

  • Military Operational
    Today joint operations are vital for complex military operations. By using a portal designed by HCI, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter team is able to share key communications data between the various subcontractors working on the aircraft. In addition, we provide a "Virtual War Room(TM)" that replaces the antiquated wall charts normally used to track projects.

  • Franchised Businesses
    For franchisees, we offer a customizable, secure library, tools for communications and data sharing between the franchise headquarters and franchisees. With these tools a franchise can more effectively handle data and manage franchisee access to corporate data easily. Our franchise portals have been used by franchisees with less than 50 units and another with more than 800. We can scale as your company does. 

  • Military Associations & Social Organizations
    Using membership management utilities and online payment services, your association or organization can maintain all membership rosters, contacts, etc. online. And since the members can maintain their address, email, phone and contact preferences it saves valuable time for the administrators of the association. Our association portals have been used by associations with up to 100,000 users, but we also host those with only a few hundred members.

  • Congressional Affairs
    Tracking a congressional lobbying effort is a time-consuming, expensive effort. With our tracking and communication tools your legislative affairs team can easily ensure that the mission is met. Our congressional portals have been used by a multi-billion dollar corporation, a 65,000+ member association and a congressional candidate. 


HCI has built several custom job boards for clients focusing on the military transition niche.

Our portfolio includes:

  • A headhunting company focused on military JMOs

  • A nonprofit executive association focused on Marines in transition

  • A secure job board for clearance holders

  • An outplacement service for a large military contractor

  • A job portal for the US Marine Corps "Marine For Life" program

If you need a custom job board we have a suite of services ready to deploy with minimal customization to fit your needs.


HCI provides for association management and franchise management technology.  Services include membership management, membership directory, online payment portals, email distro lists, and political efforts.  Contact us for more information!


Our zip code locators provide a quick and easy way for users to find your chapter, office, supplier or local representative by simply clicking a map or selecting a zip code.

Try it here with the data of all the US Marine Corps recruiting offices. Simply enter your zip code.



Our real estate mapping feature is a real-time, national service provided to real estate and housing professionals.  We integrate Zillow listings on your website - allowing visitors to see relevant housing details in a particular area.

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