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About HCI


HCI was originally developed as an e-commerce company in 1999. During the peak of the Internet bubble HCI provided branded e-commerce search services to large ISPs.  In the past decade HCI adapted its networks and technology into a technical service provider with expertise in real-world, mission critical applications and services in the following categories:

  • Data Portals

  • Zip code Mapping/Locators

  • Stealth File Sharing

  • Affiliate Manipulation Services

  • Congressional Mapping

  • Congressional Data Services

  • Media Release Services

  • Association & Franchise Services

    HCI continues to provide the following services to all our existing clients under service agreements:

  • Video Streaming

  • Web/Email Hosting

  • Onsite and Remote Technical Support

    HCI has been a member of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce since 2003.


Will Donaldson, President and CEO
Will Donaldson joined the United States Marine Corps in 1992 as a combat correspondent and subsequently was promoted to the top webmaster position in 1995. He served his first tour at the Marine Barracks, Ground Self Defense Force in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for a year during the Haitian-Cuban migrant operations. After GTMO he deployed for two consecutive tours as part of 3rd Marine Division in Okinawa, Japan where he traveled to Australia, Korea, Thailand and Phnom Phen, Cambodia with Sen. John McCain. During his final tour at the Pentagon, as part of Headquarters, US Marine Corps, Donaldson established the baseline for all USMC websites and was an integral part of the newly established Department of Defense Internet Working Group.

Donaldson was profiled for his management in the Washington Post and continues to use SMEAC for projects.

Donaldson created the Marine Corps News system, a secure, web-based portal that continued to grow and remained in service for more than a decade with limited technical upgrades.  He has refined and converted this system for use in civilian applications with great success.

As a Marine, Donaldson developed a web-based replacement for  the antiquated "Fleet Hometown News Release" program, which submits more than 1 million press releases annually.  HCI's Media Release Services provide online press release services that are scalable for the largest grassroots campaigns, product and service announcements and lobbying efforts.

Donaldson has taught at the Defense Information School and has provided expert consultation and testimony in computer forensics for the FBI and USMC. 

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